Monday 15 February 2010

More info on WestlawNext

The buzz about "WestlawNext" continues to build. This morning the Academic Law Library SIS got an email from West's Librarian Relations giving more details about the WestlawNext rollout to Law Schools:

"In a previous note, I said that we would begin showing WestlawNext to law schools in a phased rollout of trial passwords, beginning with librarians and faculty this spring, and that we were making plans for launching WestlawNext to law students, with possible introduction as early as the Fall 2010 semester. It appears that it was understood by some that this meant that WestlawNext would be in all law schools by the fall of this year. To be clear, we are still determining timing for our rollout to law schools, and will work closely with law schools and the legal profession overall with the goal of helping them make better potential lawyers as we have always done."

We have tentatively scheduled a limited rollout and training for Pitt Law librarians and legal research & writing faculty for March 2, 2010; this is just before our spring break. More information will be provided as it is received.

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