Friday, 5 February 2010

LexisNexis Announces Lexis for Microsoft Office

We've been reading about a new Lexis product unveiled at the Legal Tech conference in New York earlier this week. Now Lexis has sent out an official announcement announcement that explains more fully what the product is. Here's the information Lexis has provided:

"In a nutshell, Lexis for MS Office allows users to seamlessly access resources from LexisNexis, the open Web, or local files while reviewing a Word document or an Outlook email message. There is a search box that delivers one-click access to all of the aforementioned sources, with results displayed in a window next to the active document. Users can also highlight any material in an active Word document or Outlook message to find related material. The product also automatically indexes material within an active Word document or Outlook email via hyperlinks.

Currently, the product requires users to have Microsoft Office 2007 (or when it is released, MS Office 2010). We are working with Microsoft to develop a solution that accommodates Mac users.

Lexis for MS Office is scheduled to be released into the commercial market this spring, and into law schools by the fall (emphasis added). Pilot tests in law schools will begin shortly to ensure a smooth fall launch. There is no information as yet about when these will begin.

You may be wondering how Lexis for MS Office ties in with New Lexis. New Lexis is the interim name the company has given to an ongoing program of product development. Lexis for MS Office is the first innovation of the broader New Lexis initiative. In the coming eighteen months, we will introduce other innovations, including the first product built upon our new technology platform. I will keep you posted on any new information that I receive regarding New Lexis. For your planning purposes, I can confidently say that the that you know will be with us in law schools at least through the remainder of 2010, so any major transitions are still quite a ways down the road. "

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