Monday, 17 August 2009

TWEN enhancements

On August 18th there will be a release of new enhancements for Westlaw's TWEN course management system. TWEN users may notice a few changes:
- Modifying Forums and Document Pages
Users will see a simplified modify page for both Forums and Document pages, with all the options for modification existing on a single page, rather than a page with several different links to these options.
- Add a Link
Users will be able to add an individual link to their document pages rather than uploading a file or entering in text as a document item. The feature will allow participants to click on the name of the link and it will open in a new browser window.
- Sign-Up Sheets
Some changes have been made to the sign-up sheets redesign that was released late this spring. The changes mean that the sign-up sheet page will appear less cluttered and will also default to the "expand al" option when the user first enters onto the sign-up sheet page. Administrators will also be able to custom sort their sign-up sheets. Also included in this release is the ability for administrators to give participants a custom list of dropdown options from which they can select during their sign-up process.

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