Friday, 28 August 2009

Legal Rebels at the ABA

The ABA Journal has launched the Legal Rebels Project to profile innovators in the legal profession. Today's ABA Journal has the profiles of the first seven Legal Rebels:
the first seven:
Jeffrey J. Hughes: The Legal Grinder (his office is also a coffeehouse)
Laurel Edgeworth: The Matchmaker (she created the Law Clerk Connection , a virtual forum that allows law students to bid on contract clerking assignments at small to medium firms around the country)
Patrick J. Lamb: A Betting Man (he founded law firm Valorum with other biglaw refugees)
Roderick A. Palmore: Demanding Diversity (he spearheaded the Association of Corporate Counsel program Call to Action, in which other General Counsels evaluate outside law firms’ diversity efforts. )
David Van Zandt: Purple Praise (the Dean of Northwestern's law school always wears purple, the school color)
Denise Annunciata: Paralegal Power (she developed her own business, Virtual Paralegal Services)
Richard Granat: Internet Obsessive (he has numerous online ventures, all of which focus on using the Internet in legal services delivery to underserved firms and clients.)

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