Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Pro Se on the air

This week's edition of the Chicago Public Radio show This American Life is about self-representing litigants. It's called "Pro Se" and is described as "It's tempting to act as your own lawyer, to argue your own cause. Who better to defend your position than you? This week, stories of pro se defenses: some brilliant, some disastrous. A man fakes his way into an insane asylum by pretending to be crazy, and then can't argue his way back out. And another man uses vigilante justice to defend his sister's honor, using a strategy he didn't know he had in him."
In Pittsburgh, the show is on WDUQ, 90.5 FM, Saturday at 1:00 pm and Monday at 12:00 am; it also airs on WYEP, 91,3 FM Thursday at 7 pm and Monday at 7 pm.

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