Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Electronic blue book

Just a reminder that the Blue Book is available as an online subscription if anyone is interested in using it electronically. The website is and the cost of a subscription is $25 per year. In addition to the electronic version of the bluebook, your subscription gives you access to "Tips" from the editors (here's a sample tip: “United States” and “U.S.”, (Related Sections: R10.2.2, T.6) “United States” is never abbreviated when the United States is a party in a case name. However, it may be abbreviated as part of another party’s name, like any other word in T.11. In textual sentences, “U.S.” may be used as an adjective, but it should never be used as a noun. For example: United States v. Church of Scientology W. U.S., 973 F.2d 715 (9th Cir. 1992).)
The Bluebook Online also allows online collaboration: you can set up groups with other subscribers who can share and search group bookmarks and annotations. It is simple to allow group members to edit or only view group notes, or to allow some to manage the group.

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