Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Netflix meets Facebook

That's how a new website called "Lendaround" describes itself. It's  a social networking site that enables friends to see each other's DVD libraries and arrange to lend or borrow movies, with Lendaround keeping track of where your movies have gone and for how long. Founder Tim Jackson got the idea for Lendaround after doing charity work in Africa.  He came home from being with people who had few material possessions and saw "all the stuff around my house." 
"My research shows that there are something like 2 billion DVDs sitting in U.S. households, gathering dust," he said.  Lendaround lets the user set up private networks of people you know who might want to share DVDs.  Lendaround helps  keep track of where the discs are, and sets up a mechanism that lets you print out a wrapper that you put around an envelope.  Then you mail the DVD, which weighs under an ounce,  for the price of a stamp. 

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