Thursday, 21 August 2008

13 new databases from ULS

ULS has announced the acquisition of 13 new databases. None are legal databases but a few may be of use to legal researchers:
  • The Economist Historical Archive, 1843-2003 - a complete searchable copy of every issue of The Economist from 1843 to 2003. New full-color images, multiple search indexes, exportable financial tables and a gallery of front covers highlighting a key topic of each week combine to offer a primary source of research covering the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • European Sources Online : their blurb says “ESO provides access to thousands of expertly selected, well known and less well known websites, documents and publications from the EU and other international organisations, national governments, think tanks, stakeholder organisations, working papers etc, full text articles from authoritative news sources Financial Times and European Voice, plus bibliographic records to key academic textbooks and periodical articles, and a series of unique Information Guides compiled by the ESO Editorial Team.”
    It includes a topic guide called “How to find legislation, caselaw and other EU policy-making information.”
  • Social Explorer: Easy access to demographic information about the United States from 1790 to 2000 (data from the US Census). Also prepares reports compiling and comparing data.
The other new databases are:
  • APABI - a collection of Chinese language e-books.
  • Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology - a major encyclopedia for the social sciences.
  • Columbia Gazetteer of the World - online version of the well known reference source.
  • Columbia Granger's World of Poetry - 250,000 searchable full-text poems; foreign language poems, commentaries, and streaming audio are available.
  • Garland Encyclopedia of World Music - over 1,200 articles detailing aspects of music from around the world.
  • Literature Criticism Online - literary criticism and information on authors
  • New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics - a dictionary of economics and related fields.
  • Sabin Americana, 1500-1926 - based on Joseph Sabin's landmark bibliography, a collection of works about the Americas published throughout the world from 1500 to the early 1900's; over 6 million pages from 29,000 works.
  • Statesman's Yearbook Online - online version of the well known reference source.
  • 19th Century British Library Newspapers - full runs of 48 newspapers specially selected by the British Library to best represent nineteenth century Britain.

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