Wednesday, 26 February 2014

PacerPro provides easier access to PACER dockets

A free service, PacerPro helps you find and manage Federal Court cases and documents. However, you need to have a PACER account to use it.  If you find the PACER interface complicated, difficult to use, confusing... you will be a fan of PacerPro, which offers all these features that PACER lacks:

  • Simultaneous searches. (Search across one or more district courts in real time.) 
  • Aggregated results. (Say goodbye to wading through multiple web pages to see complete results. )
  • One-click download. (Download the entire docket with a single click.) 
  • Freebies. (Previously downloaded documents are free). 
  • Automatic PDF labeling. (PacerPro saves you time by sensibly labeling your documents. )
  • Bookmarking. (Once you’ve found a case on PacerPro, you’ll never need to search for it again.) 
  • One-click docket update. 
  • Advanced docket search tools. (Locate the right record with robust search options, including boolean and proximity searching.)

You will need to provide your email address and PACER account information, and then you are ready to go. Note that you will still be charged PACER fees for the documents you download, via your PACER account. 

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