Tuesday, 21 August 2012

BIALL Legal Information Literacy Statement

The British and Irish Association of Law Libraries has published a "Legal Information Literacy Statement", which aims to help law students develop a comprehensive legal research skill set following a five stage model. The five stages are: 

  • Research skill 1 - Demonstrate an understanding of the need for the thorough investigation of all relevant factual and legal issues involved in a research task. 
  • Research skill 2 - Demonstrate the ability to undertake systematic and comprehensive legal research. 
  •  Research skill 3 - Demonstrate the ability to analyse research findings effectively. 
  • Research skill 4 - Demonstrate the ability to present the results of research in an appropriate and effective manner. 
  • Research skill 5 – Continuing Professional Development – refreshing the legal research skills required of a modern lawyer.

The Statement describes each of these stages and then develops a set of subskills that are required for each stage.

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