Saturday, 17 March 2012

More info on FDsys

The GovernmentBookTalk blog has a post with concise information about FDsys- including that "those in the know" know to pronounce it "F D sis". GPO exited the internet yesterday, March 16. The blogpost informs us that FDsys boasts key enhancements to GPO Access that allow users from librarians to scholars, researchers, lawyers and the public to:

  • Easily search across multiple Government publications; 
  • Perform advanced searches against robust metadata about each publication; 
  • Construct complex search queries; 
  • Refine and narrow searches; 
  • Retrieve individual Government documents and publications in seconds directly from each search result; 
  • View more information about a publication and access multiple file formats for each search result; 
  • Access metadata in standard XML formats; 
  • Download content and metadata packaged together as a single ZIP file; 
  • Browse FDsys alphabetically by collection, by Congressional committee, by date, and by Government author; and 
  • Utilize extensive help tools and tutorials.

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