Monday, 14 September 2009

New Scholarly Calendar at Pitt Law

Prof. Mike Madison has announced the creation of a Pitt Law Google calendar that displays scholarly events around Pitt Law school. In his announcement Prof. Madison says:
"The purpose of the calendar is partly to help all of us keep track of the many scholarly events at the law school. The purpose is partly to promote those events to audiences outside the law school. Because the calendar is "public" in Google-speak, it is searchable by the Google search engine, and events at the law school will appear in Google search results. As much as I could, in creating the calendar I distinguished between events that are open to the public and events that are not.
The calendar includes:
-- Faculty workshops
-- Major "named" lectures at the law school
-- Conferences and symposia
-- Special scholarly presentations and invited lectures"
This is a great new resource for the law school. Kudos to Prof. Madison!

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