Monday, 14 July 2008

AALL Tuesday

So many interesting discussions, so little time! My schedule is packed but there are still talks that I'm missing. We are trying to cover all the important sessions between us and taking lots of notes. Today I started at a talk where I learned several new online tricks - will share when I get back and have a chance to try them out. Roundtable discussion about using technology to teach, someone showed how they had edited CALI lessons to customize them for their class. Another person talked about his successful integration of the Westlaw TWEN polling feature into a legal research class. Then had lunch with my "students" for the Web 2.0 Challenge at a very nice coffee bar/ lunch spot called the J. Cafe.
Weather perfect. We're all enjoying Portland, at least what we are able to see of it when we get away from the convention center. I think I missed the "Law of Beer" Presentation, but I hear that Brian Hare was going to attend so ask him!

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