Monday, 3 December 2007

Quotations from Legal and Literary Sources

The Legal Classics library from HeinOnline grows every month, but its contents are mainly of interest to the legal historian. I was, therefore, especially pleased to see that this month two very useful books have been added to the collection: Quote It: Memorable Legal Quotations Data, Epigrams, Wit and Wisdom from Legal and Literary Sources (1969) and Quote It Completely: World Reference Guide to More than 5,500 Memorable Quotations from Law and Literature (1998). Both are compiled by Eugene C. Gerhart, who drily explains in the preface to the first volume that "My collection of memorable legal quotations was started in 1934 while I was a student at Harvard Law School. It has grown to such proportions that it is larger than any other collection I have seen. That is reason enough for making it available to others through publication."
The first volume is almost 800 pages long; almost thirty years later, the second publication contains over 1300 pages. Both are searchable by subject and author and have extensive and excellent back-of-the-book word indexes.

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