Wednesday 28 April 2010

Summer access to Lexis & Westlaw for students

For most law students, access to LexisNexis and Westlaw are turned off for the summer months, under the assumption that they are working for law firms or government and their access should be paid for by their summer employers. However, in certain circumstances law students can have summer access; these circumstances normally include:
  • Students enrolled in summer law school classes
  • Students doing Law review or law journal work
  • Students working for a professor during the summer
  • Students who are working as Research Fellows for the library during the summer
  • Unpaid, nonprofit public interest internship/externship
  • Students doing pro bono work required for graduation
Here are the links to the Lexis (click on Summer Access in the lower right) and Westlaw (click on Current Student under to extend your Westlaw password) login pages where you can sign up for summer access.
In addition, graduating students preparing for the July bar exam can also have their passwords extended for the summer.
Lexis also offers the Aspire program, granting some access to current and graduating students who are engaging in qualifying non-profit work.
Finally, even if you don't qualify to extend your Westlaw password for the summer, your password can still be used 2 hours a month in June and July.

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