Tuesday 13 April 2010

last week for BNA's Internet Law News

BNA has notified subscribers that this is the last week BNA will be sending out BNA's Internet Law News, an online publication of internet law news that has been compiled by Prof. Michael Geist of the University of Ottawa for the past ten years. According to the announcement, "with internet law evolving so quickly, BNA has recently turned its weekly Electronic Commerce & Law Report into a continually updated web subscription service. Subscribers receive an e-mail notification every day that the website is updated, in addition to a weekly e-mail wrap up of highlights." Prof. Geist adds his thanks to BNA for hosting ILN and says that "While BNA's Internet Law News is coming to an end, I plan to continue work in the area. If you would like to stay updated, send an email to mgeistiln@gmail.com."

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