Tuesday 6 April 2010

"cloud" computing for Institutional repositories

The Chronicle of Higher Education Wired Campus blog has a post that reports on an effort to build and store institutional repositories - university-wide collections of faculty research papers - in off-site data storage systems aka the "cloud". The blog points out that many academic libraries have been striving to build institutional repositories; now in a new project called DuraCloud developers are building software to make it easier for librarians to put those repositories in off-site data storage services that are increasingly popular because they are experts at data storage.
A nonprofit group called DuraSpace is leading the effort. The group was formed by a merger of two groups that produce software to manage digital repositories—the DSpace Foundation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Fedora Commons at Cornell University. The project is still in beta, but hopes to be available to more libraries by next fall.
The goal of the new service is to add features that support what libraries care about most: access, preservation, re-use and sharing.

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