Monday 12 January 2009

Supreme Court

Cornell's Legal Information Institute blog reminds us that the Supreme Court January argument round starts today, and they kindly provide the schedule of cases that will be heard as well as links to the LII analysis of each case:
Monday, 12 January:
Coeur Alaska v. Southeast Alaska Conservation Council (w/ Alaska v. Southeast Alaska Conservation Council)(Clean Water Act, mining discharge, effluent limitations)
Ministry of Defense of Iran v. Elahi (Iran-US Claims Tribunal, Terrorism Risk Insurance Act)
Harbison v. Bell (Terrorist Death Penalty Enhancement Act, counsel, capital punishment)
Tuesday, 13 January:
Montejo v. Louisiana (insanity, habeas, ineffective assistance of counsel)
Vermont v. Brillon (indigent, assigned counsel, Wingo test)
Knowles v. Mirzayance (Sixth Amendment, Miranda)
Wednesday, 14 January:
Puckett v. United States (sentencing, plain error doctrine)
Boyle v. United States (RICO, due process, 5th Amendment)
Wednesday, 21 January:
Corley v. United States (Miranda, FRCP 5a, McNabb-Mallory)
Kansas v. Ventris (6th Amendment, right to counsel, perjury)
Nken v. Mukasey
And US Law Week reports that the Supreme Court today denied review in 94 cases on its appellate docket.

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