Monday 26 January 2009

Mednar search engine for health information

Deep Web Technologies’ Mednar has been named the 2008 best health information search engine by AltSearchEngines, a well-respected blog that focuses on specialty search engines.
Mednar (still in beta) is a one-stop federated search engine designed for professional medical researchers. It enables users to quickly access information from a multitude of credible sources, including deep web content not indexed by popular search engines. “Mednar offers access to an array of databases that are simply not mined by other health search engines and features a dependable email alert service that enables users to keep up on the latest publications on the medical topics of their choice,” said AltSearchEngines reviewer Hope Leman. “Mednar is the Secretariat and gold medal winner of medical search at this point.”


Larry Donahue said...

Thanks for the comment regarding MedNar. My company, Deep Web Technologies, developed and is working on other research portals over the next few months.

Being an attorney, I'm especially interested in the legal research portal we're working on LawNar. It's still in development, but we intend to launch in the April/May 2009 time frame.

Thanks again. Larry.

Anonymous said...

Biznar might be of even more interest to your readers. I use it to the search industry, for example.