Thursday 1 January 2009

Chronicles of America: Jan. 1, 1909

You never know what info the Library of Congress is going to pass along in its Daily Digest Bulletin emails. I wasn't really expecting one on New Year's Day but they did send a couple of interesting links. The first is an editorial cartoon from the Jan. 1, 1909 Washington (D.C.) Herald, "1909 Hopes, Successes...". It depicts the advent of a new year with optimism, displaying a Wright airplane labeled "1909" flying in with "Hopes," "Successes," "Happiness," and "Peace". On the ground, a bearded old man wielding Time's scythe labeled "Disaster" and "Ruin" retreats into the distance in a open automobile labeled "1908."
The second link is to an article in the (New York) Evening World, Jan. 1, 1909 with the title"...Trousers for Women Is the Latest Freak Decreed by Fashion (but Modistes declare it will never be a "Go" here)". Apparently a brand new fashion in Paris in 1909 was the "Robe Androgyne", a "frankly bifurcated garment" that resembled pegleg trousers. The article's author says that the "new fashion is calculated hideously to reveal the defects of the female figure and to conceal its beauties" and that "fashionable dressmakers are unanimous in saying that New York women will not take to the new mode".

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