Wednesday 17 March 2010

ULS has LexisNexis Statistical Insights database

The ULS database collection now includes LexisNexis Statistical Insight (LNSI). This database provides access to statistical information produced by U.S. Federal agencies, States, private organizations, and major intergovernmental organizations. It contains a massive collection of statistical data which can be accessed by a single easy-to-use search interface, with additional features such as descriptive abstracts, detailed indexing, full-text PDFs of source documents and tables, downloadable spreadsheets containing table data, and integration with the customizable LexisNexis Statistical DataSets interface. LexisNexis has set up a wiki to provide ongoing information about the database such as a comparison of the old LN Statistical with LNSI. There is also a detailed Guidebook (30 page pdf) to help you learn how to use the database.

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