Wednesday 10 March 2010

OCLC survey of academic librarians

OCLC has announced the results of its Survey of Academic Librarians: Use of Associations, Blogs, Listservs, Conferences & Publications about Libraries. The Survey was conducted by the Primary Research Group, and surveyed 555 full-time academic librarians in the United States and Canada. The study imparts highly specific data about academic librarian use of library oriented blogs, listservs, publications, association membership and attendance at library conferences. The report includes detail on the percentage of academic librarians who read print publications about libraries, or use library listservs and blogs, as well as the amount of time spent daily on these pursuits. It also includes data on library assocation membership and money spent on library conferences and related expenses. A few findings from the report (the full report costs money):
• Survey participants spent an average of 22.26 minutes per day (median of 10 minutes and maximum of 500 minutes) reading print publications pertaining to the librarian profession.
• Librarians age 60 and over spent the most time reading print publications, averaging 31.41 minutes per day.
• Librarians age 30 or less spent the most time reading library-oriented blogs, averaging around 19 minutes per day.
• Librarians in their current job for 10-20 years spent the most time reading library-oriented listservs, averaging 23.12 minutes per day.
• Approximately 72 percent of survey participants belong to a library professional association.
• Canadian librarians spent over 60 percent more than U.S. librarians ($2,419 and $1,484 respectively) on travel, meals and lodging associated with library conferences over the past two years.
• Among all library departments, circulation and public services librarians spent the least on library conference fees over the past two years, averaging a mean cumulative two-year total of $142.

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