Friday 26 September 2008

eTextbooks for students

Barco 2.0 is back on its feet though still reeling from an unfortunate bout of upper respiratory infection aka a bad cold.
The Chronicle's Wired Campus blog reports that as soon as next month college students will be able to buy electronic textbooks and other media at college bookstores. The National Association of College Stores has announced that it has formed a company, NACS Media Solutions, to negotiate with publishers to support the on-demand service. Ultimately content will include digitized textbooks, trade books, coursepacks, and magazines; digital learning objects (course materials created specifically for computer-based usage); open-source and self-published content; audio books; music, movies, TV programs, and video and computer games; and campus-specific content such as class notes and study guides. Available platforms will eventually encompass the web, mobile devices, print-on-demand, e-readers, course-management systems, point-of-sale systems, and kiosks. The pilot program, which will offer movies-on-demand that can be burned to DVDs, will begin in seven college bookstores across the country next month.

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