Friday 16 July 2021

Studying for the Bar Exam

 The ABA Journal has an article titled "When it comes to studying for the bar exam, how much is too much?" - which may be of interest to all sleep-deprived Class of 2021 law school graduates. The article reports on a study of 107 California law school grads, and how they fared in taking the bar exam in 2017. Some of the results: 

  • The study group had a 77% bar pass rate.
  • The median for daily study was 8.1 hours, and candidates who studied that amount had a better than 75% likelihood of passing the bar exam.
  • Candidates who studied 10 or more hours daily were more likely to report running out of time and also reported feeling they studied the wrong material
  • Candidates who worked at a job while studying for the bar, even if it was only for 2 hours a day, had a lowered likelihood of passing the bar: 63%. Candidates who did not work had a 78% chance of passing.
  • Candidates who averaged two daily study sessions with a break in between had a 75% chance of passing, compared with 45% for those who only had one study session.  

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