Wednesday 28 October 2015

TWEN to drop the term "dropbox"

An announcement from Westlaw Academic about TWEN:
* Important TWEN Announcement:
We are not changing functionality, but we will saying goodbye to the term, drop box.
Why? The term drop box has been confusing administrators and students alike since the advent of©.
What’s the plan?
Spring semester professors will see the term sections wherever they previously saw drop box. If, for
example, professors use their TWEN course(s) for more than one set of students, they will add an
additional section.
Spring semester, students will go to Assignments & Quizzes (currently they go to Assignment & Quiz
Drop Box). Neither the term drop box nor sections will be seen by students.

I have always found the term “assignment and quiz dropbox” to be awkward and confusing for both faculty and students, so the change is probably a good thing.

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