Monday 21 October 2013

New on HeinOnline: citations in articles linked to caselaw

HeinOnline recently announced that case law is now integrated into all HeinOnline content via links to either HeinOnline or Fastcase. What does this mean? If you are reading a law review article in HeinOnline and the author cites a case, the citation will be highlighted in blue, and if you click the citation a new window will open so you can read the case. The case document will be presented in the familiar HeinOnline format so the document delivery is seamless. The federal case coverage includes the judicial opinions of the Supreme Court (1754-present), Federal Circuits (1924-present), Board of Tax Appeals (vols. 1-47), Tax Court Memorandum Decisions (vols. 1-59), U.S. Customs Court (vols. 1-70), Board of Immigration Appeals (1996-present), Federal District Courts (1924- present), and Federal Bankruptcy Courts (1 B.R. 1-present). The state case law covers all fifty states, with nearly half of the states dating back to the 1800s. Coverage for the remaining states dates back to approximately 1950.

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HeinOnline, a product of William S. Hein & Co., Inc. said...

This new enhancement will be available in HeinOnline November 1, 2013!