Friday 22 January 2010

PGH historic maps collection

The Archives Service Center and Digital Research Library added twelve more real estate plat maps of Pittsburgh created by the G.M. Hopkins Company to the Historic Pittsburgh Maps Collection.

They include Volume 1 and Volume 2 from 1889 (City of Pittsburgh), 1895 (eastern vicinity), 1896 (southern vicinity), 1897 (northern vicinity), Volume 3 from 1900 (City of Pittsburgh), Volume 4 from 1901 (City of Pittsburgh), Volume 1 from 1907 (Allegheny City), Volume 3 and Volume 4 from 1911 (City of Pittsburgh), and Volume 8 from 1915 (eastern vicinity).

These additions represent the conclusion of a project by the ASC and DRL to identify and digitize all of the Hopkins maps produced for Pittsburgh between 1872 and 1940. There are now 46 volumes comprising 1820 plates available online to researchers. Congrats to the ASC and DRL for this very cool project.

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